About us

Window Air Conditioner Guys is the largest supplier and installer of window air conditioners and other types of house conditioning systems. We sell and ensure we offer installation, maintenance and repair services. We also do warranty repairs which are very minimal since the installation process is always done perfect such that chances of damage are down to zero.

Our Culture

We at Window Air Conditioner Guys pride ourselves on having a cooperative work environment where all staff members work together to the benefit of the client. In addition, our learning culture encourages all employees to grow as professionals, making them highly competent in the latest concepts.


We at Window Air Conditioner Guys are committed to offering window air conditioners that last for long and provide value for the customer’s money. We are committed to environmental cleanliness and always ensure our window air conditioner have beneficial effects on the customers and the users. We ensure our users have fresh air free from germs and bacteria and thus preventing them from different infections.Which provide clean power and emit clean waste. We are committed to ensuring that we work according to the rules and regulations set aside by the different bodies in this industry.

Our Mission

Our missionat Window Air Conditioner Guys is to provide our customers with the best window air conditioning systems which deliver the best services to the clients. We also work to ensuring that we maintain and building long lasting relationshipswith our customers which helps in customer retention and referrals.

Our Values

Deal honorably with our clients, our employees, and our suppliers. Deliver fast response, quality service, and innovative solutions by a staff that is trained and fully knowledgeable in our field. Always ensure we fulfill our commitments. Treat everyone with courtesy, respect, and dignity and be good stewards of our clients' money and our company's resources.

Operate Window Air Conditioner Guys in a responsible and profitable manner to ensure the continued growth and financial future of the company and create a teamwork atmosphere that is positive and fun and that encourages all employees to stretch to their full potential

Our Business principles

Window Air Conditioner Guys values technology, innovation and creativity. Workers who curve out better installation ideas, better sales techniques are always awarded so as to motivate them more.Window Air Conditioner Guys strives to quickly adapt and innovate so as to tap into emerging opportunities.

Accountability for all window air conditioning products and accessories that we offer. We also ensure that our employees are responsible for all their actions. We ensure we give the right prices and compensate our customers for mistakes we have done during the sale and delivery of the window air conditioners and the accessories. We also give warranty for a certain period in which if the conditioner develops some complications we always ensure we repair at no cost.

Discipline and respect in dealing and interaction with suppliers and customers. We demonstrate consistence in delivery, leadership and operating within all established regulatory and compliance standards as set by the authorities.

Customers can always reach us on 888-447-4043 for more information on window air conditioners.

Key features

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  • img Affordable prices
  • img Energy-efficient appliance
  • img Installation is less then a week
  • img 7 year warranty